Happy generation Children’s Ministries is a registered non-profit organization (File number: S.5914/11249 and Registration Number 10715) committed to ensuring well being of all young orphaned, impoverished, abandoned and sick children. We reach out to those children through food, shelter, cloths, water, medical support, education Empowerment and rehabilitation. We dream to realize a generation of children genuinely happy, a generation in which all children can access education and the basic needs of life without having to steal, sell their bodies or undergo any form of child abuse.

Ministry Background

Abraham the director of the organization started supporting a child while still in junior high school in 2002 (sophomore in your nation). He was in a boarding school and always saved the pocket money he was given to support the child’s education. Even though the child never finished school after dropping out, by his own free will, it was evident that Abraham’s heart was filled with love and was for the well being of the poor and vulnerable children. In around May 2012 Abraham had finished his studies and started right where he stopped. He began by supporting a child, by May 2013 he was supporting 5 children who stayed with their grannies, from their homes with the basic needs and education.


By that time the registration process of the organization had already began but we had issues with where we were staying because it was not a place good enough for the kids and it would have us closed in case the NGO inspectors had come to see the place. The pit latrines were in dangerous state for the children and water was being fetched from very far away and that made it very difficult for us to continue with the registration process. We took it to the internet and searched for donations from our friends and God granted us people who donated some money so we moved into a bigger house that had better pit latrines and tapped water right outside the house. For this house we were paying 250 dollars with the support we got, we had confidence that we could take care of as many as 30 kids. Even though we were brought over 150 orphaned children by churches and individuals so we could take care of them, we only took in up to 25 and we could not take in anymore. Unfortunately all the donors that helped us during that period of time were one time donors. But God has been faithful


Registration of the organization took a very prolonged time because there were things we had to put in place before we would be authorized, also it is overly prolonged here due to the so many stages and bureaucracy involved. We thank God however because we were able to  receive our certificate and god has been so good since then as we a lot of good changes have happened, one major one of leaving the life of renting and moving into our permanent children’s home with our children.



Happy Generation Children’s Ministry is a donation based ministry whereby we are simply vessels used by God to put out the message to the world crying out on behalf of the vulnerable children so they can be supported. We usually give an opportunity to the compassionate people and allow them to share their love with the children that need it the most.  We believe that by so doing this, the name of our Lord Jesus is glorified as lives of orphan children are transformed. We are believing God that organizations, institutions, families and individuals will carry out fundraisers to enable us change more lives in this journey.